Working with the industry to identify UKCS technology opportunities and challenges, and effecting plans to address them


The TLB launched three strategic workstreams in the first quarter of 2021 to bring focus to the technology priorities of the industry. These workstreams also strengthen collaboration with the other North Sea Transition Forum task forces and the NZTC.

Accelerate Deployment: led by TLB members Darren Stoker (Repsol Sinopec Resources UK) and Melfort Campbell (Imes Group), in collaboration with the NZTC, to target the wider industry usage of technologies ready for deployment (TRL 8-9). Initially focussing on NZTC supported companies, then including the full oil & gas supply chain and reaching out to innovations already deployed in other industries.

Repsol Imes Group Net Zero

Digital: led by TLB members Dave MacKinnon (TotalEnergies) and Steve Johnson (Petrofac) to address our industry’s maturity gap in the deployment of digital technologies to support companies’ decision-making, reducing risks and improving efficiencies.


North Sea Transition: led by TLB member Kirk Miller (Shell) to steer the industry to accelerate technology development and uptake to achieve net zero commitments.