The Industry Sponsor Programme reinforces industry ownership of the priority technologies with the aim of ensuring pace of technology development and widespread uptake across the industry.

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In September 2019 the Technology Leadership Board (TLB) launched their Strategy and ambition for the UKCS. The technologies strategy, defined in collaboration with the Maximising Economic Recovery UK (MER UK) Taskforces, identifies the key opportunities and challenges. Deployment of innovative technologies is deemed critical for our industry to ensure MER UK and deliver against the challenge of Net Zero.

10 Grand Challenges were formulated during 2019 creating the basis on which priority technologies, spanning the lifecycle of an oil and gas asset from Exploration to Decommissioning, could be associated. In order to address these priority technologies and ensure pace of development and deployment across industry, the “Industry Sponsor Programme” was initiated.

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Industry Sponsor Projects

Purpose & Objective

The Industry Sponsor Programme seeks to leverage UKCS Operators who are focused and have expertise in specific areas and therefore, through the Programme, leading and influential Operators and Supply Chain companies may champion technology maturity in the priority technology areas.

The key objective of the Sponsor Programme is to both reinforce and support industry ownership of the priority technologies, with an aim of ensuring pace of development and widespread acknowledgment across industry.

Value for Industry

Through the Industry Sponsor Programme it is anticipated that the culture of collaboration and sharing will be enhanced across the sector, helping identify gaps which need addressing and, through industry wide engagement, delivering end user value-based solutions.

The TLB anticipate that through the Sponsorship role, sponsors will be assisted in accelerating their own corporate priorities, facilitating greater collaboration with peers and technology organisations.


Grand Challenges and Priority Technologies

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