The Industry Sponsor Programme aims to ensure the pace of delivery and deployment at scale of technologies to address priority industry needs is met by harnessing industry ownership of the challenge.

Industry Sponsor Programme (ISP)

The objective of the ISP is to deliver bulk field trials of technologies at low cost and deliver industry with the verification data required to evaluate field performance. It is intended that this approach to support technology qualification will facilitate acceptance of the multiple technologies by operators and regulators.

There are currently two Industry Sponsor Projects (ISPs) in progress, one seeking participants and others planned, all designed as collaborations to support efficient fast-tracking of TRL 5-7 technology developments through field trials.

  • Alternative Plug & Abandonment Barriers; led by Spirit Energy and including Harbour Energy, NZTC and other partners, 5 field trials of thermite material in onshore Canadian wells have been completed. The objective has been to generate deployment data points, to enable qualification and verification of technologies which could be used as alternatives to conventional cement barriers. Building on this ISP, NZTC has launched a £600k collaboration to accelerate qualification and commercialisation of a fuller portfolio of critical technologies for P&A efficiencies.

  • Non-Intrusive Inspection for Corrosion Under Insulation; led by Kellas Midstream and NZTC, field trials involving Focussed Stress Corrosion Tomography technology to assess CUI prior to removal of insulation have been carried out at the onshore CATS terminal. The objective is to demonstrate deployment and provide verification of the output from NII technologies to promote industry and regulator confidence and acceptance. Based on promising results to date, further trials, also using other technology, are planned, and additional collaboration partners are encouraged to come forward.


  • Through Tubing Evaluation and Verification for Rigless P&A Trials; led by Repsol Sinopec Resources UK and supported by NZTC, this technology has the potential to support new approaches to well abandonment, improving assessment of in-situ barrier material enabling more cost-effective P&A. This project forms part of the NZTC collaboration scheme, looking to obtain £600k per annum to accelerate qualification and commercialisation of the portfolio of Through Tubing Evaluation and Verification technologies.

    Repsol NZTC

tlb-landscape-icon SPONSOR ROLE

Sponsors will seek to lead the best practice, whilst championing the respective technology. Working with the TLB, and Net Zero Technology Centre, along with other developers, the Sponsor will help ensure successful delivery of industry solutions and promote widespread deployment.

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sponsor-role-wheel Ope r a t or E n g a ge m ent Strategy Landscape E n g a ge m ent Communication Mentor others in the implementation of the sponsor specific technology Identify industry s strengths and potential gaps Flag opportunities for operators participation in development, piloting, deployment Help to support Operators who request information Emphasise/Reinforce the technology strategy in their sponsorship area Identify lessons learned and success stories Engage the supply chain around the opportunities from the new solutions Familiarise with key technology programmes in train and identify if help is needed Understand avenues to deploy technologies at scale Champion T echnology within Net Zero Technology Centre and through other Research Partners Present at conferences and events Communicate around respective technology progress (development & deployment) Advise milestones development, piloting and deployment of critical technologies Constructively assess the commitment of industry and its supporting frameworks


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