Call for Previously Deployed Technology

Accelerate Deployment Call

Do you have Previously Deployed Technology that has not yet gained widespread adoption?

Was it developed for the UKCS or other oil & gas regions, or for other industry sectors but with potential in offshore energy?

Melfort Campbell

Clara Altobell & Melfort Campbell

TLB Accelerate Deployment Workstream Leaders

We would like to hear about technologies which have been successfully deployed, not necessarily in our sector, that offer track record or value proposition ideally suited toward Offshore Energy.

The Technology Leadership Board is offering to raise awareness of potentially beneficial technologies to our network of industry and business leaders. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to present their technology to the ~200 strong Technology Managers’ Network which includes senior representatives of UKCS Operators.

  • Call open now, and throughout 2023
  • Applicant screening and selection ongoing
  • Presentations to TMN Meetings throughout 2023