Championing technology deployment by sharing knowledge with support from technology leaders.

Repsol Net Zero Imes Group

Accelerate Deployment


To speed up the use of proven technologies that offer a value proposition for offshore energy, initially targeting those which have had support from the NZTC (Focus Area 1), then expanding to the full oil & gas supply chain and reaching out to innovations already deployed in other industries (Focus Area 2).


  • Part of an overall strategy to identify and encourage uptake of potentially valuable technologies our latest Call for Previously Deployed Technology (Focus Area 2).
  • Technology Managers’ Network meetings are planned throughout 2022 at which selected companies, from our Calls and elsewhere, will describe their technology and its value proposition, with a focus on technology that has already been successfully deployed (TRL9+) but has yet to gain serious traction in UKCS oil & gas applications.
  • Joint developer/operator presentations at Technology Managers’ Network meetings will provide feedback on successful deployments and encourage more widespread industry uptake by asking Operators,
Do you see these technologies contributing to your MER UK and/or net zero objectives?

If so, why haven’t they been deployed? If not, please share why.


Around 50 NZTC supported technologies at TRL7-8 (Focus Area 1) were screened in Q2 2021, with selected companies invited to prepare case studies for publication and presentation to the Technology Managers’ Network meeting held in August 2021.

Follow up with each selected company/technology is ongoing to assess the effect of exposure to the Technology Managers Network on increased deployment, with insights gained to be used to adjust our approach to maximise industry impact.

To date, half of companies presenting their technologies at the August 2021 event have reported increased end user interest generated by their participation and a third reported increased sales.


TMN meeting schedule