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Well Abandonment accounts for 45% of the total 2020 UK Decommissioning estimate equating to £23bn. Implementing innovative technologies and techniques for well P&A activities is a key opportunity for cost reductions providing benefits for Operators whilst also aiding in achieving the MER UK decommissioning cost reduction target of 35%. For new innovative technology to have a material impact on this cost reduction in the targeted 10-year time frame, acceleration of technology development is essential.

Historically cement has been the accepted medium for plugging and abandoning wells on the UKCS however it has been recognised that the development of alternative P&A barriers with the ability to be deployed utilising rig-less techniques could be a game changer. Many of the alternative barrier technologies are still in the early development and piloting stage and a collaborative approach is required in order to progress the development and deployment in a timely manner.

The industry recognises the cost savings that could be realised if alternative P&A barrier could be developed and deployed”

Sponsor Profile & Collaboration

Spirit Energy hold the role of Industry Sponsor for the priority technology area “Alternative P&A Barriers”. Spirit Energy have the leading role in ongoing Thermite Trials and the OGUK guidelines updates and are a founding member of the Net Zero Technology Centre Alternative Barrier Collaboration Forum. Working collaboratively with the Net Zero Technology Centre, OGUK and Alternative Barriers Collaboration Forum, as well as other Operators and Technology Developers, they will drive the Industry Sponsor Project and will help ensure successful delivery of industry solutions and promote full deployment.

Spirit Energy see the introduction of new technology as a shared responsibility and recognise that the introduction of new P&A technology needs a fresh innovative approach.

Spirit Energy



Opportunity Statement

The opportunity exists to develop, trial, verify and qualify new barrier materials to be accepted and routinely used for P&A activities on the UKCS.

An innovative collaboration model is proposed to allow bulk field trials to be performed, including a new funding mechanism to continue work with the development of thermite barrier technology and other P&A technologies that follow.


There are three aspects to this Industry Sponsor Project; Technology Development, Qualification and Verification

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2020 Thermite Trial Framework

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